Ward 6 City Council Candidate Sam Troscow Meets with Greenspace Alliance

The goal of Greenspace Alliance is to elect mayors and city councilors who will make expanding greenspace and growing our tree canopy in London, Ontario a top priority.

To that end I am interviewing every candidate who will meet with me. Those whose goals align most closely with ours at Greenspace Alliance will receive our endorsement.

Not Every Candidate Has Responded

While I have contacted every candidate running in every ward, not every candidate has responded.

Since there is still time for candidates to respond to my invitations, I am not ruling anyone out for our Greenspace Alliance endorsement at this point.

Before election day in October, I will issue a list of recommended candidates.  Until then, when I meet with a candidate, I will note it in a blog post, here, on our Greenspace Alliance Blog. The post will, likely, be very brief. But, at least, voters will know a candidate cared enough about climate change to meet with me and talk about what we can do, as a city, to be part of the solution.

Sam Troscow From Ward 6 Responded

I met today with Sam Trosow, who is running for London City Council in Ward 6.

Sam is a university teacher at Western with a strong background in political science and law.

Sam has run for London City council previously.

Sam and I discussed our common interests in protecting London, Ontario greenspace.

Sam impressed me as being experienced and knowledgeable in the workings of municipal government. He has an edge over most other candidates in that regard.

I liked Sam and enjoyed speaking with him. I look forward to hearing more from him and his campaign for the Ward 6 City Council seat.