Greenspace Alliance Endorses Candidates For London Municipal Election in Oct. 2022

We sent out a press release today, listing the candidates we endorse for the upcoming election. A copy was sent to each of our endorsed candidates.

Greenspace Alliance Endorsements for London Municipal Election 

Greenspace Alliance is an environmental advocacy organization. We are dedicated to protecting greenspace and expanding forest canopy. In regard to the upcoming October 2022 election, We endorse the following candidates for London city council:

Ward 1: Hadleigh McAlister

Ward 2: Mike Yohnicki

Ward 3: Prabh Gill and Bob Wright

Ward 4: Matt Nicolaidis and Susan Stevenson

Ward 5: Connor Pierotti

Ward 6: Sam Trosow and Mariam Hamou

Ward 7: Corrine Rahman and Evan Wee

Ward 8: Steve Lehman

Ward 9: Anna Hopkins

Ward 10: Paul Van Meerbergen*

Ward 11: Skylar Franke

Ward 12: Alex Main

Ward 13: John Fyfe Millar

Ward 14: Steven Hillier


For the office of mayor, we endorse the candidacies of Khalil Rhamal and Sean O’Connell.

Our sincere thanks to every candidate who took the time to talk with us.

Confirmed by Angus Johnson, Director Greenspace Alliance (

* Paul Van Meerbergen is running for reelection. He did not meet with us, but sent an email saying that he endorses the goals of Greenspace Alliance. He voted to retain River Road when the issue first came up. He agrees that closing River Road Golf Course and allowing that asset to lose its value through neglect was “a big mistake”.

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