We hate unsolicited commercial e-mail as much as you do. Also known as Spam or junk e-mail, it is a disservice to the Internet community.

We at Greenspace Alliance fully endorse and comply with the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act), and all other applicable unsolicited commercial e-mail laws. The following are my operational policies and practices.


Greenspace Alliance does not purchase email lists. Greenspace Alliance never sends out anything that could ever be characterized as pornographic. Greenspace Alliance email lists will never be sold.

All persons who wish to receive emails from Greenspace Alliance must go through a double opt-in process.


Regardless of whether you subscribe to an electronic membership newsletter a simple notification list for meeting, or some other list, you will always have an option to unsubscribe immediately.

Simply go to the bottom of the email you received, look for the unsubscribe link and click on it. It's that easy to unsubscribe.

Be aware, however, that if you have subscribed to more than one list, each list has a different name and you can tell which one an email references by the "from" line), you may need to unsubscribe from more than one list.

Again, the process is easy. It's not created to be hard or obscure. Either click the unsubscribe link in whatever email you receive that is in reference to another list or, when you unsubscribe from the first list, look to see if you are subscribed to more than one list and then select the radio button for "unsubscribe from all lists."


If you have additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact Greenspace Alliance by sending an e-mail to: angus(at) [replace (at) with @] and provide us with information relating to your concern.

Because spammers use automated robots to "harvest" e-mail addresses off websites, it is our policy to do what we can to defeat this practice by not listing e-mail addresses in a "harvestable" form.

This is why the above e-mail address is listed as angus(at), with (at) to be replaced by @ and why this format for email addresses is used throughout this website.

This policy was last updated on 04-16-2022.

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